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Advisor Confidential January - 16 2015

The DI: Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre

CIWM promotional campaign: Do Better with a Certified International Wealth Manager - February 5 2014

Alberta Institute of Power Engineers April 01 2008
Infinity Capital Management and Portfolio Strategies Corp have been invited by the Alberta Institute of Power Engineers to speak at their quarterly meeting. The quarterly meeting will be held at SAIT Polytechnic Calgary campus.

The Business Link - February 2008
On Tuesday February 19, 2008 Infinity Capital Management Corp and Portfolio Strategies Corp will be discussing useful tools to aid entrepreneurs in conducting creditor protection...

Investment Executive - February 2007
Building a brighter future for Calgary’s homeless. Infinity advisor Ramandeep Banga has started a program to teach financial and time
management, scheduling skills...

CBC News - November 2006
Calgary financial planner seeks audience with city’s homeless...

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Group Benefits

Infinity Capital Management Corp specializes in employee benefit solutions. Our mandate is to find benefit solutions for your company. To do so requires in depth knowledge of the insurance and investment industry’s, as well as an understanding of how the benefits solutions will affect your organization.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a vital part of your financial future. It is achieved through proper management of your financial resources. The process begins with assessing your current financial situation, determining what you want to achieve and building tailored made solutions to achieve your goals.

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Investment Planning

Having a strong financial future has a lot to do with the choices you make today. For most of us, investing isn’t just about making money. It’s a way of reaching our personal goals, whether that’s providing for our children’s education, retiring comfortably, taking care of our parents or making sure there’s something to pass on to future generations.

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Insurance Planning

Life is full of surprises, unfortunately, not all of them are pleasant. Although you cannot predict what will happen, you can prepare for it. If you or your partner were to die or become ill or disabled and unable to work, would your family have the resources to meet their day to day needs? It’s a tough question to face, but the consequences of not facing it can be tougher on your family.

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Estate Planning

You work hard throughout your life to save, invest and build a legacy to pass along to your children and grandchildren. However, taxes and probate fees can take a big bite out of the estate you want to leave to your heirs. By taking action now, your Financial Advisor can help you put strategies in place to minimize the impact of taxes and probate fees, while maximizing the legacy you want your beneficiaries to receive.

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Corporate Responsibility

“We are not here merely to earn a living and to create value for our shareholders. We are here to enrich the world and make it a finer place to live. We will impoverish ourselves if we fail to do so.”

Woodrow Wilson

Infinity Capital Management Corp believes in building prosperity by contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

Project Forward
(Calgary Drop in and Rehab Centre)

Project forward is a program started by Infinity Capital Management Corp at the Calgary Drop in and Rehab Centre on November 01 2006. This project helps participants over come financial barriers, and helps clarify financial misconceptions facing Calgary’s homeless population.

Our goal is to bring clarity into the lives of the participants of Project Forward. We are working with Financial Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Pardon Services and other industry professionals to help clarify issues facing Calgary’s homeless population.

We are focused in providing our clients with financial solutions.

Mutual funds are sold through Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

Other products and services are provided through Infinity Capital Management Corporation.